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    Hey guys,
    Yesturday I bought my iPhone 3gs second hand for 250 euros (Im british but im on vacation in France) its in great condition and I am very pleased with it.

    The big problem, it is locked on SFR and obviously when I return to the UK either calls will be super expensive (Im on pay as you go), or I wont be able to make any calls. I dont have a SIM card SFR so I wont be making any calls, so I have to be certain I dont have to restore it as getting a foreign SIM card is tough.

    Anyhow, when I got to unlocking the phone I realised about the whole 5.12.01 baseband cannot be unlocked yet but geohot or whoever has cracked it and is now waiting for the dev team to release an unlock.

    To put the question simple,
    iPhone 3Gs
    MC model
    The serial begins with~: 83004

    Will I ever be able to unlock it?
    I do not mind waiting months for 4.0 firmware updates etc.

    I know I cannot unlock the phone at the minute but, well, should I give up and sell the iPhone on eBay.fr or will I eventually be able to unlock it when developers release stuff.

    I have been recieving mixed responses

    Thanks a bunch (: (:
    2010-06-04 04:27 PM
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    they're releasing the unlock once 4.0 is out. just stay on the current 3.1.3 with 5.12 and use the unlock when it's released. it should be out within the month. then wait a bit longer when they figure 4.0 out and then update.

    i was under the impression that in the UK, you can request a permanent unlock from the service provider. read up on that and see. good luck.
    2010-06-04 04:47 PM
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    Yeah I just read that up June the 7th we will know?
    Do I have the new bootrom by the way? 83rd week?
    Yes you can get your service provider to unlock it... If you have the papers that came with it and you bought it from them.
    It's the same in France but the phone needs to be 6 months old.
    And it comes at a cost....
    2010-06-04 04:59 PM
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    i read someplace today that phones manufactured after week 50 or so had the new bootrom. learned that the hard way after i screwed up my sister's unlock. :/

    i blackrained it and it worked except that everytime i reboot, i'd have to blackrain again to get to the homescreen. so i decided to fix this non-issue and ended up having to restore to 3.1.3. oh well.

    anyhow, maybe try and talk your way into a carrier unlock? haha. maybe they'll be lenient. they're supposed to announce the new phone and release the new os soon so i dont think there's that much longer to wait.

    i bought myself a cheap lg phone that can only talk and text. Best of all the battery lasts for a week on half a charge. i regret getting any smartphone ever now. i hate how we're paying so much for features that aren't essential to satisfy a need that was created less than 2 years ago.
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    2010-06-04 05:02 PM
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    it happens (: luckily you are not stuck forever


    bumper carsss
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