1. DragonFlare's Avatar
    I've recently bought 3 iphones:
    one is a 32GB 4.0
    another is a 16GB 4.0
    and the last is a 16GB 3.1

    they are all second hand and I don't have them by me (They're being sent over from US).
    They are all activated to AT&T. I want to unlock them to use orange in israel.

    My question is: do I have to jailbreak them in order to unlock them? because I don't know what week they were made, and from what I've read, if it's over the 40th i'm pretty screwed.
    So... What to do?...
    2010-07-09 10:37 PM
  2. iYeow's Avatar
    They are all 3GS and are all over weeks 40, I think you are pretty scewed with 3 iphones only to stare at them..LOL
    Yes, it is neccessary to jailbreak if you want to unlock.
    2010-07-10 05:06 AM
  3. i.Annie's Avatar
    Ouch...consider returning them and doing some research before purchasing! If you want to get 3GS phones, you have MULTIPLE precautions to consider. Unlike the 3G, 3GS phones may or may not be jailbreakable/unlockable depending on the bootrom and whether it has been jailbroken before or not. The 3.1 phone might be okay but the other two could be problematic.
    2010-07-10 06:42 AM