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    right, i need some information from you guys in the know,

    I am in the uk,I bought an iphone 4 from a guy, he supplied me the phone with the reciept from apple online store for a 32gb iphone 4, total cost 599, when i got the phone from him, it was working and had been activated using his vodafone sim card.

    I thought i was buying a sim free iphone4, but upon getting home tried my o2 micro sim, and the phone would not take it.

    So i retored the phone on itunes back to activation state, when connecting to itunes to activate it says my o2 sim is not supported.

    So i have found out that this phone is now locked to vodafone network, why is that and shouldnt it be able to take any sim as it was bought from apple online store, sim free for 599

    The reciept and details of the person I bought it off are correct, serial numbers and the e number.

    whats the deal with these phones, are the locked to the network that you use to activate the phone? what are the solutions to this.

    To add something else to the story, the guy i bought it off pre ordered the phone before release date, the first phone apple sent him did not work, the phone i bought off him is the replacement,

    I have phoned apple who tell me they need the invoice from the first faulty phone for the serial number etc, but the guy i bought it from is on holiday. apple put me throught to a senior technical support person who seemed to want to resolve this issue( i was hoping they could unlock it from their end) but he requires this information to do so. Cant get this info right now. Why is it locked to vodafone?

    Any help would be appreciated
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    iPhones are carrier-locked, not the carrier you used to activate, but the carrier Apple chose, for example, in the US, the iPhone is locked to AT&T, it will only activate and work on AT&T.
    Even tho you bought it unsubsidized, it may still be locked (I am not sure how it is in UK). Some countries sell it unlocked, apparently this is not the case in UK.

    There is only one way to unlock the phone right now, and it would be asking to the carrier (Vodafone) but of course, you need to be a customer.

    Other than that, you can wait for a jailbreak and unlock from dev-team, they are already working on it...

    2010-07-11 04:19 AM