1. daespring's Avatar
    I do not know how this relates to us all. But we just had a issue that happened and might indicate how Apple and AT&T is combating the unlocking of the iPhone.

    First of, We unlocked an iPhone for my Uncle that travels alot to asia. He has AT&T as his service out here in the states. When we got his phone, we did not first activate it through AT&T. We just unlocked it and then put in his old "Cingular" sim card in the iPhone. His service was fine. Until he got his bill from AT&T. Due to not activating the iPhone thru iTunes, his bill was $385 for the data transfer that has accured.

    He contacted AT&T, asking why his bill was so high. AT&T and APPLE told him he would needs to activate his phone correctly through iTunes. To do that, he needed to restore his phone through iTunes. While doing this we noticed the file downloading was a lot bigger. Being 128mb compared to when we first unlocked his phone it was 98 mb. Well, when iTunes finished downloading and finished the process of restoring the firmware on the phone. The sim card still didn't work. iTunes basically said that his "NEW AT&T simcard" is an incorrect sim and not able to go through activation. We in turned call AT&T and was then transferred to APPLE who then said due to his phone being Unlocked he lost all warranty and lost all support. This was after the intial calls with them telling us to do the restore! With us being suckered into restoring the firmware on the iPhone Apple. Now the phone is shot! We decided to try doing the unlock again.

    When doing "Step 1" when you Press and hold both the Sleep and Home buttons on your iPhone for about 25 seconds until it displays "Please connect to iTunes" and has a picture of a yellow triangle. Well, the picture now is the iPhone data connector with an blue arrow pointing up to the iTunes logo.

    We did not go further.

    has anyone else experience this and is there a way around it?
    2007-09-27 10:55 PM
  2. RC_OZ's Avatar
    Why did you not go further ? What choice do you have at this point ?
    just turn on iTunes and activate it If you already have a Cingular/AT&T account, it probalbly wouldn't cost you very much extra per month if any anyway. In fact, it may safe you money and you wouldn't have to pay anything like $385 for data xfer.
    2007-09-28 12:16 AM
  3. ben8jam's Avatar
    i don't get it- did he not have an unlimited data plan? it's only $25/month to add unlimited data, that's what i did when i unlocked -

    they can't selectively disallow just the iPhone from getting unlimited data can they? i'm just worried now, cause havnt gotten my first bill since starting to use the iphone..
    2007-09-28 07:16 AM
  4. 360boi's Avatar
    wait if i unlocked it without at&t activation and made it t-mobile and enterd my adress and info on tmobile site will at&t bill me tooo for not activatiing with them?
    2007-10-02 03:09 AM