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    So, in 2007 I bought the iPhone 2G from an Apple Store. In the box I got an AT&T demo sim with no number nor line. I kept it.

    A month ago I updated my 3G[S] (Old Bootrom) to iOS 4 and I "discovered" that when I'm on the 'Connect to iTunes' screen, right after the restore, when you need to use SnowBreeze to jailbreak the device, if I pop the AT&T sim in it takes me to the springboard and pops a message box saying 'Wait for activation'. of course it never activated and I used Sn0wBreeze and UltraSn0w and everything was normal.

    Today I restored again, did the little trick with the sim and this time jailbreaked with jailbreakme.com

    The weird thing is, after I installed UltraSn0w and popped my sim (not the AT&T one) all of a sudden a message came saying- 'iPhone is Activated' and Push Nots work like a charm! iPhone is really activated!

    SO is it new? someone already experienced it? Am I very lucky or that's Jailbreakme.com charm?
    2010-08-07 07:07 PM