1. pilot14Juan's Avatar
    Today my iphone 2G's sim became "simlocked" because I over here,
    was tampering with Phone Settings inside the settings.
    The thing was that my iphone 2G was jailbroken and unlocked with T-Mobile on 3.1.2 and after i went into Settings>>Phone and then i went over to Sim Pin i turned it on and in prompt me with a Sim Passcode.

    i didnt know i had one so i pressed 0000 and it gave me this message up on the top left corner.

    Here is what im seeing:

    any suggestion in what i must do?
    please and thanks.
    2010-08-27 07:18 AM
  2. mtemps75's Avatar
    try 0000 this is usually the default. then try the service provider
    2010-08-27 11:32 AM