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    Hi, everyone,

    I have an iPhone 4, locked to Orange (UK). I jailbroke and installed ultrasn0w, which allowed me to use a sim from 3 (UK). I'm now in China, and when I put my China Mobile sim in the phone, I get the "different sim detected" message. Any ideas as to what I can do to make the phone usable here? I tried reinstalling ultrasn0w – Orange and 3 sims both work fine, but China Mobile doesn't.

    EDITED to add, when I take out the SIM and look in the "About" section of the iPhone, China Mobile shows up as the carrier.
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    2010-08-28 05:02 AM
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    The only thing I can think of is to download the pushfix.info hactivation patch.

    Add source cydia.pushix.info and load hactivation patch
    2010-08-28 12:11 PM
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    Thanks, that fixed it! I had just read a thread about that in another forum…was exactly what my phone needed. Thank again!
    2010-08-28 12:13 PM