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    Hi All,

    So I have managed to unlock my iphone 3g on the 3.1.3 fw, thought to be impossible ? Well I managed to get mine working through a lot of messing around I have proof and am not 100% sure if this will work on other phones but mine is from the UK (02 network) and I am using it in South Africa on ANY network.

    I would like to test this , so please let me know if you are currently locked on this firmware.


    PLEASE NOTE : This was after downgrading was NOT possible.

    Also I am not sure if this is an already known fix, waiting for reply from Saurik!
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    2010-09-09 09:53 AM
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    3.1.3 has been jailbroken for ages now. 5.12 has been unlocked for ages now.
    3.08.09 <3
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    2010-09-22 02:16 AM