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    i plan on purchasing an iphone from the at&t store near campus tomorrow. i was pretty confident that i could perform the activation after reading a few guides. now that the time has come i have lost most if not all of this confidence. i figure i shouldnt have a problem getting an with an older firware than the 1.1.1 because the att store near me does decent business but they still have iphones around from a month ago w/o selling out. in another thread i saw that itunes 7.4.1 is necessary to unlock and i have 7.4.2. i tried downloading 7.4.1 and i kept getting stuck. ive never done a process like this before so im the newb of all newbs. im sure similar questions have been asked on her before but ive been searching through forums all night and i just got tired of looking. ill be trying to unlock the phone on a mac if that sheds any light on the situation here and im quite new to using them as well. so if anyone has any newbie tips on avoiding firmware 1.1.1 on the iphone or how to get the older version of itunes let me know. id really appreciate anything at this point. thanks!
    2007-09-28 08:29 AM
  2. ufmedrudy's Avatar
    You aren't forced to upgrade the can say no at the prompt

    As for the unlock program I think it means it needs AT LEAST version 7.4.1....dont quote me though
    2007-09-28 08:52 AM