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  1. SundayDuffer's Avatar
    I'm still using iTunes and even when i checked for software updates, itunes still tells me that 1.0.2 is my latest update...there isn't a 1.1.1 new update at all. I just checked two minutes ago.

    Therefore, i'm thinking...what if you uninstall your current for iTunes, download it and install on your computer and do a RESTORE. Wouldnt that will load 1.0.2 onto the phone?

    Hmmm...someone should try that route.

    Just a thought......
    2007-09-28 08:39 AM
  2. Boosty's Avatar
    I am still running itunes 7.3.2 and all day have been clicking the "check for update" button, but it keeps telling me 1.02 is the current version.

    I believe if you have itunes 7.3 then it will not update your iphone to a version later than 1.02
    2007-09-28 09:33 AM
  3. SundayDuffer's Avatar
    iTunes dl is here

    Goodluck to all who have been getting an error trying to restore back to 1.0.2. I hope this would work..not sure..but doesnt hurt if you try.
    2007-09-28 09:39 AM
  4. rick1123581322's Avatar
    Apple has made it so that you require 7.4 iTunes to update. This was done to stop the DVD John method. I would like to have someone with FM1.1.1 try the DVD John method with a twist. Use a resource editor (rezilla) to edit the 7.3.2 version to think it is the 7.4 version and try to activate the FM 1.1.1.
    2007-09-29 03:12 AM