1. inter-qd's Avatar
    we all know that iphone 4 upgrading cn be done with baseband preserving with umbrella...

    can the same be done to 3gs ??
    or is there anyway to do it ?
    2010-10-13 07:27 AM
  2. eyeRobot's Avatar
    Can't be done on a 3GS with TU.

    Your only option would be to use custom firmware.

    Which firmware are you on now?
    Are you jailbroken already? What with?
    Do you have the new or old bootrom?
    2010-10-13 08:24 AM
  3. inter-qd's Avatar
    well... i bought the iphone from someone in a condition which is locked with a passcode, i dont know how it happen..

    so the only thing i know it is iphone 3gs (beacuse of the glowing iphone text on the back)
    and i cant check anything of the phone as it is cant be read by itunes, umbrell or any other means..

    so ... i think the only way is upgrading via recovery mode..
    2010-10-13 01:42 PM
  4. eyeRobot's Avatar
    To check new or old bootrom


    Also try f0recast from ih8sn0w.com.
    2010-10-13 01:52 PM