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    I just received an iphone 3gs version 4.1 running on firmware 05.14.02. Model: MC

    It's my first iphone and i dont know anything in regards to software and ios. I want to jailbreak and unlock it so i can use it with T-mobile. Is it possible with this phone? Hard to get a clear answer. I found a guide claiming that it can be done using snowbreeze 1.7, but then i also find conflicting information that indicates it cannot be done.

    Can someone please tell me i can do i would like too or not? If the answer is no, is it possible in the near future?

    PS: Don't know if this allowed, but this is the link to the guide claiming it can be done: http://www.pennystocklive.com/Articl...ios-available/
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    2010-10-13 03:51 PM
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    I don't know how your english is, but reading thru the forum and all the 'wise' guys have stated that u need 2 wait! I have the same phone like yours & Im waiting...U can jailbreak it, but not unlock it yet! Read thruout the forum, I am so thankful to all thez guys that made me wiser. U can even check the sn0wbreez web site. For iphone 3GS conditions apply! Read thruout the forums and get wiser. From what I've learned most of the sites they promise u everythin, but they use the freeware apps, without the developers getting even the minimum donation/appreciation or recognition. Most of the sites are there to get your money! Enjoy reading the forum, u will get wiser!
    2010-10-13 04:48 PM
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    How long do they estimate the wait to be!?
    2010-10-13 04:54 PM
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    Unlock wait could be from one month up to six months. There is no exact wait time, just an estimated time frame from past experiences.
    2010-10-13 04:58 PM
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    sell the phone on craigslist or trade for the same phone that has NOT been updated.
    DROID does... iPhone does it harder, better, faster, stronger
    2010-10-13 07:59 PM