1. slayoxus's Avatar
    Tomorrow might be the day I can use my iPhone 4 2.10.04 as a phone not an iPod.
    2010-11-06 03:38 PM
  2. Simon's Avatar
    Tomorrow might be the day I can use my iPhone 4 2.10.04 as a phone not an iPod.
    I highly doubt any unlocks are coming out tomorrow. It will be at least a few days after 4.2 comes out before we see an unlock.
    2010-11-06 04:48 PM
  3. slayoxus's Avatar
    When os 4.0 was released on june 21st the same day ultrasn0w was updated to work with the new basebands.
    2010-11-06 09:30 PM
  4. Simon's Avatar
    MuscleNerd has specifically said on his twitter it would be a few days after the release of 4.2 presumably so that they can do some testing on the official release of 4.2 first.
    2010-11-06 09:42 PM
  5. slayoxus's Avatar
    Still it could be released tomorrow, but most likely Monday or Tuesday.
    2010-11-06 11:00 PM
  6. jcampbell666's Avatar
    Don't the devs usually release on Sunday, the so called "fun day"
    2010-11-06 11:27 PM
  7. Simon's Avatar
    Still it could be released tomorrow, but most likely Monday or Tuesday.
    That would be nice if it did. No guarantee that 4.2 is coming out tomorrow though.
    2010-11-07 12:14 AM
  8. Kumputer's Avatar
    If they have indeed completely cracked the baseband for 4.1 and their ultrasn0w is at least ready for 4.1 jailbreakers, then there's no reason they can't release it the second Apple releases 4.2. If it also works to crack the new 4.2 baseband, it's a bonus, otherwise, I'd imagine they could release a newer version in time for a 4.2 jailbreak assuming Apple hasn't found the baseband exploit themselves.
    2010-11-07 12:58 AM
  9. slayoxus's Avatar
    Completely agree, but without a doubt it will be out this week!
    2010-11-07 01:41 AM
  10. Simon's Avatar
    Completely agree, but without a doubt it will be out this week!
    I hope you are right
    2010-11-07 01:45 AM
  11. slayoxus's Avatar
    I hope the rumors are true the Timor was that it said in Apples FAQ that the alarm will be fixed tomorrow November 7th and that's because it should be the release of 4.2. If not we will all be sad .
    2010-11-07 02:19 AM
  12. deemyboy's Avatar
    just chucking in my 50p's worth

    just to see if 4.2 was out i pugged my iphone into itunes and it said this

    your iphone software is up to date. itunes will automatically check for an update on (AND THIS IS THE CRUCIAL BIT) 08/11/10.

    am i right in thinking that normally itunes says a week or sometimes 2!!!

    so is that A BIG HINT that 4.2 is coming out soon???!?!?

    (if i think about it, this could all be a coincidence because itunes might have said that date a week ago when i last hooked-up my iphone but i didn't check to see what date it had said then so can't be sure)

    oh and here's my 20p's worth

    i wonder how many of you lot are now grabbing your i's and puggin' em in

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    2010-11-07 01:44 PM
  13. slayoxus's Avatar
    Any time now we should hear from sherif hashim...he hasn't posted anything for a while.
    2010-11-07 02:52 PM
  14. amith007's Avatar
    i believe the date which appeared in the message that iTunes gave u has nothing to do with the 4.2 release date.. because it just showed the date that its going to check for a new update automatically.. and normally it will give the next date.. thats all..
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    2010-11-07 05:08 PM
  15. slayoxus's Avatar
    Damn when is it going to come out it's been soooo long
    2010-11-07 05:40 PM
  16. deemyboy's Avatar
    That's kind of what I said in brackets.

    BUT...(and there's always a "but")
    ... It just seemed like such a coincidence that the 7th was mentioned and here I am checking and it said not today but try again tomorrow. Just made it sound CLOSE!
    and I'm like a few other thousand guys and gals who want to get it "unlocked" so we can start using our other sims.
    (esp. me as I'm in Egypt using 2 devices (just in case you haven't read any of my other posts) carrying around 2 devices - well not really (which is the sad bit) because i'm the type of guy who would lose one (I know this because the amount of times I've felt my pocket and thought "great - I've got my phone - let's go!" and it's turned out be my wallet or a wad of papers or pack of tissues or something else chunky (anyone else...or is it just me?))-
    which means I can only use my (lovely) iPhone in the appartment, and not out and about like i think you're supposed to with a mobile, right? (lol anyone?)

    So anyway, looking forward to the day when I can go down to the mall and sell the 2nd ol' brick (shouldn't knock it really cos it was great when I first got it) and have all my Quran and other things with me.

    Waffling on a bit here.

    To cut a long story short, looking forward to unlocking 05.14.02


    Oh, and another th....

    Just kidding!
    2010-11-07 09:59 PM
  17. Simon's Avatar
    I doubt 4.2 is coming out today. If we go by Apple's track record they usually release an itunes update first, then a few days later they release the update iOS. So until we see itunes 10.1 come out to the public we arent going to see 4.2 or the unlock.
    2010-11-07 10:05 PM
  18. slayoxus's Avatar
    Yeah probably tomorrow and iTunes 10.001 or something is already out...and maybe tomorrow since it said after november 7th. Either way last time they release the gm for 4.0 on June 9th released the final on June 21st...I hope it doesn't take that long, but still there's no certainty that it will come out this week an even then I hope sherif hashim is ready. I have been waiting so long I really want it to be released. I have 4.1 on my iPhone 4 since the new iPhone 4s come with 4.1.
    2010-11-07 10:23 PM
  19. Simon's Avatar
    10.0.1 is out. 4.2 will require 10.1 which is not out (unless you are a developer or go googling for the beta). So it is itunes 10.1 that needs to come out first.
    2010-11-07 11:05 PM
  20. putaw's Avatar
    u can use greenpoison to jailbreak 4.1
    2010-11-08 03:56 AM
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