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    got an ip4 on voda 4.0.1 unlocked it no prob all up and running on o2 pay happy days but got a couple of questions as I'm a ip virgin lol. Now that it's all o2 and unlocked if I restore with iTunes I understand I'll lose the jailbreak but will it go back to being locked to voda? And then am I right in thinking that it will update the firmware and I won't be able to do it again or am I wrong? Sorry for the long winded version but I'm a noob! And lastly what's baseband all about how do I know what mine is. Any advice appreciated
    2010-10-28 02:22 PM
  2. Simon's Avatar
    How did you unlock it? With ultrasn0w or did you get your carrier to unlock.
    2010-10-28 03:05 PM
  3. Tazz229's Avatar
    With ultraslow
    2010-10-28 03:22 PM
  4. Tazz229's Avatar
    Sorry snow lol
    2010-10-28 03:23 PM
  5. Simon's Avatar
    Then yes if you update you will lose your unlock. If you want to update you have to either use tiny umbrella to preserve your baseband when you update or use pwnage tool to make a custom firmware with no baseband update. That way you can jailbreak and unlock again once you get to 4.1.
    2010-10-28 03:39 PM
  6. Tazz229's Avatar
    Ok thanx for that any chance you could explain what baseband is and how do I know what mine is. Sorry for the noob question but gotta start somewhere. ;-)
    2010-10-28 03:46 PM
  7. Tazz229's Avatar
    So how does I tunes know then by the way? Cos my phone carrier says o2 and I tunes updated the o2 carrier settings...
    2010-10-28 03:49 PM
  8. Simon's Avatar
    Your baseband is the phone part of your iphone. That is the part that is unlocked. If you were to update, your baseband would also be updated (and there is no unlock yet for the new baseband). You can find what it is by going into settings-general-about and scrolling down to your modem firmware. I am guessing it is 01.59.XX.

    Read here for how to update to 4.1 and preserve your baseband: The Firmware Umbrella - TinyUmbrella

    After you complete the process use greenpoison/limera1n to jailbreak, then install ultrasn0w again.
    2010-10-28 04:55 PM
  9. Tazz229's Avatar
    Ahh I see thanx for the info, one last question on this do I really need to upgrade the FW? what's the benefit?
    2010-10-28 05:21 PM
  10. Simon's Avatar
    IMO no there isnt much new in 4.1 to warrant a upgrade if you are happy where you are. Gamecenter and hdr photos are the biggest additions. If you dont plan on using those then you can probably stay where you are.
    2010-10-28 05:44 PM
  11. Tazz229's Avatar
    Think I'll stick with it for now then only had it two days so still learning thanks for your help I appreciate it!
    2010-10-28 05:57 PM