1. dmb07anf's Avatar
    i have a iphone 4 on 4.0.2 and i jailbroke and unlocked it. it was my frnds before mine so after it unlocked and everything went fine...i went to settings to "reset all settings and content" to erase all his stuff. it did that and it had to reboot after it was done but now it is stuck on the apple boot logo and it wont boot..ive tried putting it in restore mode and restarting it but it still wont boot up all the way. and i dont want to restore it to 4.1 cause then i wont be able to work on tmobile! WAT DO I DOO!!
    2010-10-29 08:38 AM
  2. dotFIVE's Avatar
    Tsk tsk tsk. "Reset all settings and content" is a big no-no as it isn't as innocent as it seems; it pretty much removes everything, including the jailbreak, from your iPhone.

    Plug your iPhone into your computer and run TinyUmbrella (Google it) and see if the phone has any SHSHs saved for it. Or you can even try upgrading to 4.1 via custom firmware, which will still allow you to unlock. PwnageTool for Macs; sn0wbreeze for Windows.
    2010-10-29 08:50 AM
  3. light49's Avatar
    Custom firmware doesn't work on an iPhone 4 you have to put your iPhone in dfu mode and open tiny umbrella and run ssh blob server when it's running restore to 4.1 on iTunes to preserve the baseband so you can unlock and jailbreak it here's a guide
    2010-10-30 09:04 AM