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    kicked at&t out the door about a year ago, and used iphone as ipod but when 4.0 came out i decided to upgrade and get back on it with T-Mobile. So I hand the phone over to my friends who own a nice little cell shop and know what they are doing to jailbreak & unlock. he did his thing - worked like a charm - i've barely plugged the phone into my computer to sync it or anything, I've never ****** with any of the settings, and I never got into downloading any unnessecary apps from cydia - my phone was clean, and good. about 4 months later, here i am and my iPhone won't connect to any wi-fi network, not my home, my work, barnes and noble, my grandparents, NO WHERE. i either get an error message that says " cannot connect to _________" or it doesn't locate that there is a wi-fi network available and if i manually type it in it will say 'wrong passcode for __________" (but i know all my passwords)

    So I did a hard resert (buttons) when that didn't help I reset the network settings, then I reset all the settings.......... nothing worked. Problem persists.

    I sense the need to restore, but am wary about how to go about this. I know about tinyumbrella and restoring with custom ipsw's and all that...... (btw, is it normal for tinyumbrella to take like 3 hours to verify my SHSHs with Cydia / save?)

    Someone, please help! I'm scared of loosing my only phone
    2010-10-31 08:58 AM