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    I just got my iPhone today and was hoping to activate it and later unlock it. I did a firmware update to 1.0.2 using the shift-click method and it worked fine. I am using iTunes

    Now, whenever I run iBrickr, it says that I do not have the correct firmware update. I noticed when I click on About iTunes, it tells me that I have a mobile device<-----is this possibly my actual firmware version? That would mean that the shift-click method to update the firmware did work but iBrickr is not seeing that. Or am I simply missing something stupid?

    I would appreciate anyones thoughts on this as I am stumped.

    Ok, well, I managed to solve it. However, it got worse before it got better, lol. I somehow managed to get it into the dreaded endless reboot cycle and thought I had bricked it. But, then I read here about removing the sim card and restoring. I tried that and managed to get back to the the iTunes activation screen. Was sooo relieved!!

    I then decided to use the Mac OSX method even though I had been continually trying both all night without success.

    First thing I did was to update my OSX iTunes and then try once more to activate with Independence. This time it flew through the activation and Jailbreak proceedure and I literally jumped for joy.

    I now have an unlocked iPhone using my Telenor Sweden sim card. You Tube works perfectly as does everything else.

    I still am not certain what I was doing wrong when I tried activating with iBrickr. But you live and learn and I HAVE learned! lol
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