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    I understand the firmware upgrade, 3.x, 4.x as software always evolves and also to support newer hardware, but what about baseband ? Why is it upgraded, as I understand is strictly for the telephony piece. Does Apple updates the bb just so we can't use it/cannot unlock or to make enhancements, maybe better call coverage, calls drops, clearer calls, support other carries ? There are phones on 4.1 with old baseband and the phone works fine, so I guess a newer firmware version does not require a certain bb version. Are there release notes for the baseband, are there fixes when is upgraded or what is the purpose of the bb upgrade, is there a technical explanation ?

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    I'm sure the baseband updates don't make huge differences. The biggest thing I believe is to block software unlocks. I don't find it convincing that the baseband updates actually help the phone and conveniently patch the unlock exploits

    As for a technical definition, that I am not techno-savvy enough to know. I'm sure someone here on MMi is
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    hi annie,
    i am a bit curious about this also. I am soooooo curious what actually the application method do when jailbreaking? is it hitting the vulnerability of baseband? does unlocking process hit the baseband as well?

    *Sorry for the noob question...
    2010-12-09 04:26 PM
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    Not exactly sure what you're asking...but jailbreaking allows us to bypass many things. You're open to a lot of new tools and options when jailbroken. Unlocking is through the baseband. Exploits found in the baseband allow for users to use a different carrier than the iphone's official carrier. For more technical terms, I'd suggest a Google search
    2010-12-09 07:58 PM
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    This a really good question, but it seems that nobody knows the answer.

    My thought is that is an unlock protection
    2010-12-10 04:20 AM
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    The baseband controls all anteana communications (cellular, wi-fi, Bluetooth, gps). It controls this hardware and interacts between the main CPU.

    Baseband Device - The iPhone Wiki

    The primary reason Apple updates the BB is to prevent unlocking. It was designed to accept higher numbered updates only. To further thwart unlocking, In iOS 4.2.1 additional checks were added to verify the BB version / iOS version combination.
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