1. Simon's Avatar
    Latest snowbreeze is what you will want then to make a custom 5.0 firmware. If you stay away from cydia after the restore then you will not have a tethered jailbreak.
    2011-10-20 04:07 AM
  2. grizzlyedwin's Avatar
    Thank you Simon, another question, will I need an AT&T SIM Card to unlock my phone or will it work normally after the restore?

    Thank you.

    God bless.
    2011-10-20 08:36 AM
  3. Simon's Avatar
    It is best to activate it with a ATT sim first so that your push notifications work.
    2011-10-20 02:44 PM
  4. bizzy420's Avatar
    hi, i was wondering if anyone can help me out.

    My brother upgraded to the 4s, and gave me his old iphone4 for free. its 4.3.5, with baseband of 4.10.

    from what ive read so far, that means the ONLY way to unlock, is by using the gevey sim, correct?

    also, if i use the gevey sim to unlock, can i still jailbreak it also? or is it one or the other? oh i almost forgot, the sim card in my current tmobile phone is bigger than the sim for the iphone 4, how would i get a sim that fits?

    im on tmobile because i cant afford the 80 dollars a month on ATT.

    2011-10-21 07:43 PM
  5. Simon's Avatar
    Yes, only the gevey sim will unlock it. You have to cut your sim down to a micro sim or go to tmobile and get a micro sim from them.

    And yes you can jailbreak too with a gevey, although on 4.3.5 it is a tethered jailbreak.
    2011-10-21 08:23 PM
  6. bizzy420's Avatar
    Yes, only the gevey sim will unlock it. You have to cut your sim down to a micro sim or go to tmobile and get a micro sim from them.

    And yes you can jailbreak too with a gevey, although on 4.3.5 it is a tethered jailbreak.
    simon thank you for the info. im not exactly sure what a tethered jailbreak is, but as long as it works im fine with it. do you know if tmobile charges for a micro sim?
    2011-10-21 09:03 PM
  7. Dummonger's Avatar
    50 bucks per month i believe.
    2011-10-21 09:08 PM
  8. Simon's Avatar
    A tethered jailbreak means every time you turn the phone off you will need to run the jailbreak again to boot it up.
    2011-10-21 09:15 PM
  9. bizzy420's Avatar

    Is it a pretty easy process? one more question, am i stuck on 4.3.5? or is it possible to go up to io5, and still be able to unlock and jailbreak?

    thanks and i apologize for all the questions.

    edit: i will only have to retrun the jailbreak if i turn my phone off? if i keep it charged so it doesnt poewr off, then i wont have to go through the process again, right?
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    2011-10-21 09:19 PM
  10. Simon's Avatar
    Ya, it isnt that hard. Just isn't ideal if you lose power or have to reboot and you are not near a computer.

    You can go to 5.0 but only if you use a custom firmware to preserve your baseband so that the gevey will still work with it. If you just update to a regular 5.0 firmware then there is no unlock at all for it. The jailbreak for 5.0 is the same as 4.3.5, tethered.
    2011-10-21 09:37 PM
  11. bizzy420's Avatar

    thanks again for the info. i dont mind using a custom firmware to preserve the baseband. i just use snowbreeze for the custom firmware?

    also in your opinion, do you think io5 runs good on the iphone4? or should i just stick with 4.3.5?
    2011-10-21 10:03 PM
  12. Simon's Avatar
    Yes, snowbreeze for the custom firmware is fine. I think 5.0 runs great on a iPhone 4 personally.
    2011-10-22 05:43 AM
  13. MFLopez37's Avatar
    So ive had this 3gs for abt a yr now and have always been a blackberry dude so i just have it for all the free apps and perks. touch screen bberrys suck and i tried to unlock it myself many times unsuccesfully i just have a jailbreak, ultrasnow and cydia etc. installed but i cant seem to complete the process nor do i want to pay someone 50 bucks to do something I KNOW i can do myself. It has a baseband/firmware 05.15.04 on it and i am completely dumb to all this iphone lingo. i looked through abt 5 pages of posts and got tired of looking when i noticed they go back abt a yr or so. Can someone PLEEEEAASSSEEEE help me out here and point me in the correct most recent direction on unlocking this iphone correctly. i need an iphone hero lol

    im also running version 4.2.1(8C148a) if it means anything

    Ok maybe this will help me get a response i believe im currently running a greenpois0n jailbreak which i cant seem to find any info on so im guessing it was a bad move and based on my research i should probably be looking into redsn0w for an unlock and sn0wbreeze for the jailbreak please tell me im headed in the right direction?????
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    2011-10-23 10:41 PM
  14. MFLopez37's Avatar
    any help down here buddy u seem to know all the answers
    2011-10-24 12:43 AM
  15. Simon's Avatar
    Read the first post. It tells you what you need to do to get that unlocked (ipad baseband).
    2011-10-24 01:24 AM
  16. MFLopez37's Avatar
    Ok so am i going to loose the gps on the phone
    2011-10-24 02:23 AM
  17. Simon's Avatar
    Yup, thats one of the drawbacks of it.
    2011-10-24 02:28 AM
  18. MFLopez37's Avatar
    do i have any other options can i downgrade any firmwares or ios to make this possible i read about other people downgrading???
    2011-10-24 04:19 AM
  19. Simon's Avatar
    Nope. You can't downgrade your baseband. Only other option is getting the carrier it is locked to to unlock it for you but not all of them do that.
    2011-10-24 04:22 AM
  20. MFLopez37's Avatar
    this sucks so how do i know the carrier it says carrier 9.0
    2011-10-24 04:38 AM
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