1. kashif.hussain's Avatar
    I recently updated my Iphone 3gs and now it have ios 4.1 Baseband 5.14 and bootloader 6.04 ... I successfully jailbreak it with snowbreeze 2 but I could not find the solution for unlock as now all I can do with it is play games and listen to music but not network/phonecalls

    Does any one know when the unlock for ios 4.1 Baseband 5.14 and bootloader 6.04 will be available?
    2010-11-22 11:26 AM
  2. agmi's Avatar
    First of all, u should have read the forum! Threre is no unlock for 5.14.XXX U got a long way 2 wait. Unlock would be possible after the ios 4.2 release! U SHOULDN'T HAVE UPGRADED! U can use it as an ipod touch now !
    And for future reference use Tiny Umbrella to backup your SHSH first!
    2010-11-22 01:50 PM
  3. Philly001's Avatar
    The new update *should* be released tomorrow or wensday, two days or so after that the dev team will be releasing a new unlock which is rumored to have the 5.14.02 bb unlock for 4.1, so whatever you do once the new update comes out do not upgrade or else your bb will change and you will not have an unlock for a long time. So just wait it out a few days and If all goes well many of us will go back to having a phone and not a big iPod touch...
    2010-11-22 02:37 PM
  4. Mes's Avatar
    2010-11-22 02:38 PM