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    So i Seen This Link On Google While Looking To Unlock My iPhone 4

    UnLOCK iPhone 4 For T-Mobile

    (What is Says In The Link)
    Buy a T-Mobile SIM Card - T-Mobile has two SIM cards which are interchangeable. Go to a T-Mobile store and buy a new 39.01a type SIM for $20

    My Question is i Just Walk in T-Mobile Get A Plan For Unlimited Etc Etc And Ask For A Specific Sim Card An Walk Out??
    Or HOw DO i Became a NEW T-mobile customer And To Use My iPhone 4? (With Out Gettin There Phones

    Thanks And Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
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    2010-12-26 01:22 AM
  2. edoutmax's Avatar
    This is simply a 3ff SIM card which still requires you to trim/cut to fit in the micro SIM tray. You still need to jailbreak and unlock the iPhone 4 before you can use the 39.01a SIM card.

    hope this helps:

    Use an iPhone on T-Mobile with Jailbreak
    2010-12-26 01:35 PM
  3. slayoxus's Avatar
    Doesn't matter what sim card you have from t-mobile you should be fine...I'm also t-mobile and awaiting iPhone 4 4.1 unlock.
    2010-12-26 08:16 PM
  4. Drizzy_Dizzy's Avatar
    Sure Does
    2010-12-28 06:27 AM