1. Crazyfreak's Avatar
    Hello, I was wondering if it was possible to activate the iphone to use with any sim. Right now when I activate the phone with my sim it only works with my sim. When I put another sim in it said I need to activate it. I want to go over sea and just buy a sim there and plug it in while I'm visiting. Is it possible or do I need to activate with every different sim? Thanks.

    Edit: My friend have a used iphone that was already activated through att and unlocked after he bought it and he can swap any sim in and it will work.
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    2007-09-29 03:36 AM
  2. amnesia's Avatar
    you can do this easily using anysim if you are running firmware 1.0.2 and not 1.1.1. But as of now howerver, you cannot successfully update to 1.1.1 after sim/carrier unlocking.
    2007-09-29 04:28 AM
  3. Crazyfreak's Avatar
    Thanks for the quick reply. But I got a question, is anysim just an unlocking program? I've already unlocked my phone, I just want to be able to put any sim in and not have to worry about activating different sim.
    2007-09-29 05:42 AM
  4. phobofan's Avatar
    Fact 1: I use the unlocked iphone in multiple countries.

    Fact 2: I use different SIMs in different countries to save on call rates.

    Question: How do i get iphone to play nice with multiple SIMs, swapping in and out, without having to do activation each time??

    I've checked out AnySIM but it doesn't seem like the solution allows the iphone to use multiple SIMs on a swap in/out basis. Unfortunately.
    2007-10-08 12:27 PM
  5. super132's Avatar
    Can we use iASign?
    Actually I have 2 activation records inside my iPhone and I think reactivate a new sim card using iASign is possible.

    Crzayfreak did you try it before?
    2007-10-21 07:09 PM
  6. Estelin's Avatar
    It´s not correct. I have unlocked my iphone and used my phone (in another country) with a non att sim and in the USA with an att sim card (I had an att account before the iphone was released) without activating it. I have 2 unlocked iphones one with 1.0.2 firmware and one new with 1.1.1. And with both the phone works perfect only swapping the sim cards. Thats all you need. No activation is required. Hope it helps you
    2007-10-22 01:06 AM
  7. taylorcold's Avatar
    I'll back that up as well. I have unlocked 4 of them using Anysim 1.1.1 and have switched Sims and all work.

    A question for you Estelin. Is it necessary to put in the Sim you are going to use after unlock when you press the unlock button at the end of the process? Can't you use the AT&T Sim that comes with the iPhone?
    2007-10-22 04:37 AM
  8. Rockeet's Avatar
    I have used the new BETA PACKAY that works with v1.1.1. This allowed me to activate my iphone through windows to use with multiple sim and swap them on the fly with out reactivating. There is a post for the file in this forum. I would try PACKAY on a freshly jailbroken 1.1.1 phone that has not had the lockdown files modified in anyway. That is how it worked for me.
    2007-10-22 06:36 AM
  9. phobofan's Avatar
    OK this is WEIRD.

    Today I just succeeded swapping out my existing sim with a new sim and the new sim was recognized and it worked. I then did a power down of the iphone and upon restarting the iphone rejected my new sim again! My old sim still works but now i cannot use my new sim again...a fleeting success.

    Any advice please!?
    2007-10-23 08:38 AM