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    I have an international iPhone 4 that I'm just in love with, however ATT recently caught on to me having it and have automatically upgraded my plan from unlimited mediaweb and text to the limited iPhone 2gbweb and unlimited text. With the 450 min/month plan I have my bill went from $75 a month to $95 a month.

    I can go with any GSM carrier in the states, so recently I've seriously considered switching to Simple Mobile's $60 unlimited EVERYTHING plan. My question for those not on ATT, is saving the $35 a month worth loosing 3g speeds? I have my phone jailbroken also so I use facetime over 3g, and I don't think I'll be able to do that on Edge speeds. I surf the internet a ton also, I guess I could turn off my 3g one day to see if its worth it. I'd also loose my web while on the phone.

    2011-01-05 04:58 PM