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    Hi Team
    Need urgent help for an 3gs/4.2.1/ipad BB. I have an iphone whose bb was 05.15.05. I used the 4.2.1 fw to upgrade and then used redsn0w to update the ipad bb and jailbreak it. The phone came up with network and is working fine. However, I can find a few problems with it:
    -Push doesnt work at all. I have installed push doctor **mod edit: please don't post repos containing warez**
    -The phone crashes a lot more times than expected.
    -Applications like fontswap when opened, they crash and the screen comes back to the lockscreen.

    I read a few posts around where in it talks about downgrading the phone to 4.1 and then using tiny umbrella to kick out of the recovery mode etc.
    I would like to know if that will help me fix the problems? Also I would like to know if there will be a fix for the ipad bb problems around?

    Thanks for ur help!
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    2011-01-22 06:29 AM
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    If you have SHSHs saved you can downgrade to 4.1 and it should fix the other problems besides push. Push, you might want to try using SAM to deactivate as hacktivation with Redsn0w will cause push issues.

    If you don't have SHSHs, restore to a custom 4.2.1 without the baseband upgrade. If you can't make a custom firmware b/c you don't have a Mac, find x98car. He may be able to help you with that.
    2011-01-22 06:52 AM
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    Thanks for your reply! I havent save the SHSHs ever so far. Can I save them now? And can you please explain me how can I restore to custom 4.2.1. Will it downgrade the iPad bb too?
    2011-01-22 07:27 AM
  4. i.Annie's Avatar
    Your baseband can't be downgraded by restoring.

    You set your phone into pwned dfu mode with Redsn0w then open iTunes and shift+restore to the custom firmware. And that's it. You can save 4.2.1 SHSHs now in Cydia and TinyUmbrella.
    2011-01-22 07:42 AM
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    So will saving the shshs now be useful? I think I would like to downgrade to 4.1 with the same BB( if possible). How can I do that?
    2011-01-22 08:09 AM
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    You can save only 4.2.1 SHSHs for future use now in case you ever need to restore to 4.2.1 when Apple stops signing it.

    It's too late now to save 4.1, so you can't downgrade.
    2011-01-22 03:42 PM