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    I have activated 3 iphones with SAM successfully, but now I can't get it to work.

    The phone I can't activate is an iPhone 3GS new bootrom 4.2.1 bb 6.15 and de-activated via redsn0w.

    I have installed SAM and SAMprefs and tried a hell lot of methods. I tried the automatic one, didn't work, says invalid SIM. I tried by bundle and tried about 6 carriers in my country and ATT_US, don't work, says invalid SIM. The only method I haven't tried is the Manual one, because I don't know where to find the IMSI and the ICCID.
    And I click the SIM id everytime too.

    Need urgent help

    EDIT: I tried the manual one now with IMEI as the IMSI number, no luck.

    EDIT2: I googled a little and found out that my model number, MC637B, is a UK iPhone. Should I choose UK carriers in SAM then?
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