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    This site is a tutorial for unlocking iphones for those who dont know lol. I have a question. They used to have a section on updating your iphone firmware to 1.0.2. Now it doesn't say that and it says to do it right out of the box. I ordered my iphone tuesday and im getting it on monday. I know it doesnt have firmware 1.1.1 (i think). If my iphone comes with a firmware version lower than 1.0.2 is there any way to check without activating? Also should I find another tutorial showing how to upgrade your firmware to 1.0.2?


    edit the site is iphone.unlock.no
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    2007-09-29 05:44 PM
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    You should use IBrickr first to jail break your phone. Once that is done, look through the settings until you can find one that tells you the firmware of the phone. If its 1.0.2, you are set to SIM unlock and add apps. If it isn't, look for a place that has 1.0.2, I think this site and Nate True's site has the firmware. Go into Itunes and if you using Windows, hold Shift and hit restore. That should let you choose the firmware you want. If you are using Mac, I think its either Options or ALT. Look around for that too, should be somewhere on the forums.
    2007-09-30 01:54 AM