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    In following the unlocking guide I was able to reboot by phone the first time be doing:

    Now that those are off, connect your iPhone to the computer. Press and hold both the Sleep and Home buttons on your iPhone for about 25 seconds until it displays "Please connect to iTunes" and has a picture of a yellow triangle. It will appear to turn off and back on during those 25 seconds. Don't worry, this is normal.
    I followed the steps but am having running iNdependence in Part 2.

    So I wanted to start at the beginning again BUT can't get my iPhone to reboot so I get that yellow triangle again so I can restore the firmware.

    If you do not need your hand held, the basic way to do this now is to download the 1.0.2 firmware file, and when you open up iTunes, instead of just clicking Restore, click SHIFT+Restore (in Windows) or OPTION+Restore (in OS X), and iTunes will ASK you which firmware file you want to use to restore. Then choose the 1.0.2 file you just downloaded. This will allow you to update to 1.0.2, instead of 1.1.1.
    In following the above instructions it asks you to choose the 1.0.2 file...but when you download it you get a folder:

    While file do I select?
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