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    Hi guys,

    I'm way out of the loop on this but trying to catch up.

    I had a iPhone 3G at 4.1 and on 6.15 BB - I jb'd and unlocked quite a while ago but the phone for some reason could never find the network and it seems to stall out. Today I upgraded to 4.2.1 while keeping 6.15 BB hoping that it would work again, however, the phone is experiencing the same issue.

    The phone will randomly find the network every 2 hours or so, but sometimes it won't allow outgoing calls and sometimes it wont allow incoming calls. All in all, it's just too unreliable.

    I've reinstalled 06.15.00 to the phone 3 times now - twice w/o activating it from redsn0w and pwnagetool (tried both). I've tried jsut about everything as well as SAM.

    Now I can get the phone to connect to the network but then after that outgoing audio shuts down. Ie, the person Im calling can be heard just fine but they can hear me for about 20 seconds, then I sound like a robot, then the audio completely drops out. this is very consistent and is happening across all tests. However, previously today I spoke on the phone for almost 5 minutes without any issues.

    Sometimes the phone will just randomly lose the network as well. I do not believe it is the hardware since the phone has been working perfectly in the past and has not been abused. I can also use the sim card in my other iPhone just fine.

    again, the phone is a 3G on 4.2.1 and 06.15 BB - any advice or thoughts would certainly be helpful. Im quite at a loss here.
    Any thoughts and suggestions would be extremely helpful. Thanks so much.
    2011-02-19 01:56 PM