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  1. baskie's Avatar
    Called Vodafone yesterday and just asked them to unlock my 6 month old iphone4 and my wifes 1 day old iPhone 4. No problem. They did it there and then, email confirmation due within 36hrs.

    Oops, sorry, should have searched before posting this, seems it's common knowledge. Sorry, been out of the unlocking loop for a while now.

    Move along, nothingbto see here ;-)
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    2011-04-21 09:57 AM
  2. karan1981's Avatar
    yeh only if you are vodafone customer
    not if you have at&t US service
    2011-04-21 10:53 AM
  3. baskie's Avatar
    Well, ya, obviously. They can't just unlock any phone. Kinda didn't think I needed to mention that. There again, reading some of the threads on here, maybe your right, maybe the obvious does need stating!

    2011-04-21 09:39 PM
  4. Ymo's Avatar
    Even though GEVEY works 100%,unfortunate it's tethered,it's worth an ask at your local store you purchased your iPhone 4,if they'll unlock it,apparently they will.Even though I'm unlocked with GEVEY I'm asking tomorrow,so il update tomorrow an let you know.till then chill. YMO uk .
    2011-05-11 02:28 AM