1. Turntablist83's Avatar
    Hey folks I'm just wondering is it possible to unlock 4.1 firmware yet my friend wants to unlock his phone he's on vodafone ( uk and Ireland networks )
    I've unlocked mine ages ago via ime unlock but can't do it with his just wondering has 4.1 been done yet
    2011-04-23 02:49 PM
  2. douflag's Avatar
    Buy a Gevey or Rebel micro sim. That's the only current unlock option. Or you can wait for the Dev-Team.

    EDIT: I must've missed the Vodafone part. But I think you can still buy an IMEI unlock for that network. There are several sellers on US/UK ebay that have the service. That is unless it's an AT&T phone.
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    2011-04-23 04:43 PM
  3. Turntablist83's Avatar
    Oh really I'll look into it thanks
    2011-04-24 05:09 PM