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    ok so i finally fell for one of these iphoneunlock.co offers an unlock for iphone 4,3gs,3g,in fact they claim they cover all models in fact this couldnt be further from the truth they in fact give you a nice copy of redsnow and green poison with pdf files instructing a 6.15 unlock with ultrasnow last time ai checked a 100% uworking unlock doesnt include the loss of gps the funniest part is in all of these files theres isnt even the slightest mention of the iphone 4 kinda funny last time i check i believe it was first versions that could be unlocked please beware of these sites and obviously devs and chronic may want to make a claim on this as they are selling copyrighted works renamed for profit

    BTW i typed this once before trying to add the pic and popups blocked didnt think hit temporarily allow and boom erased everything GRRRRRR windows
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    2011-04-23 05:02 PM
  2. j3st3r's Avatar
    sorry you got duped. as a general rule anyone offering an unlock that cost money (except the recent imei unlock that is now closed) is a scam. but thanks for sharing and trying to make other members that might not know aware.
    2011-04-23 05:43 PM
  3. systdow666's Avatar
    funny thing is i assumed it was the imei unlock other thing is paypal refuses refund think dev team or chronic should throw a cease and desist there way shut them down
    2011-05-02 03:40 AM