1. nhokshock92's Avatar
    Hi everyone!
    I have a problem that after unlock my iphone 4 with Gevey sim my i4 right corner upper very hot!
    and after remove the Gevey my i4 still hot if use more than 15 minutes!
    Anyone know hot to fix plz help me!
    2011-04-30 11:25 AM
  2. iphoneu2day's Avatar
    you might try reducing the power consumption by reducing the brightness and any bluetooth wifi gps your phone might be using. you might also want to use a metal battery back that will act as a heat sink and cool your phone real fast.
    2011-04-30 11:32 AM
  3. nhokshock92's Avatar
    Thanks for rely!
    But this issue just happen after i use Gevey sim!
    It was not before!
    Should I restore my i4 or any other mothod help?
    2011-04-30 11:55 AM
  4. zoolman88's Avatar
    Do u have the real Gevey sim or a knock off
    2011-04-30 03:29 PM
  5. nhokshock92's Avatar
    I have to compare it and it is a real one!!!
    2011-04-30 10:39 PM
  6. xephon's Avatar
    Where did you buy it? After all i've read, the only real ones are from Applenberry.
    2011-04-30 10:47 PM
  7. nhokshock92's Avatar
    Yes,it is from applenberry.com but I dont know why!
    I had to restore it by GreenPoison 6.1
    but it still hot.
    Plz help
    2011-04-30 11:54 PM
  8. Larzen23's Avatar
    something might have short circuited when u inserted the gevey.try to use a flashlight to check the sim area to see if something is stocked there.
    2011-05-01 06:48 AM
  9. nhokshock92's Avatar
    It has not anything there!
    My i4 still hot when I already remove it out!
    2011-05-01 07:04 AM
  10. Larzen23's Avatar
    mmm. what about reset all settings? or restore firmware? there might an app thats active in the background. if its still hot after u have done this,it might be hardware problem due to that gevey.you can ahve it check for free at Apple Genius for free if under warranty.in my experience,i only encounter that hot temp on the back of iphon 4 if im using the gps.
    2011-05-01 07:09 AM
  11. nhokshock92's Avatar
    I have to restore from 4.2.1 to 4.2.1 by Rc6.1 because I got error 1013 when use Itunes.
    But after restore I still feel my iphone warm after 15 min usage and pretty warm after 30mins!
    2011-05-01 09:19 AM
  12. iphoneu2day's Avatar
    can you try restoring your iphone and check if it is still hot? If it is send ti to apple for a fix and then try again.
    2011-05-01 12:07 PM
  13. nhokshock92's Avatar
    I restore already and my i4 was out of warranty !
    Plz help with any method make it less warm!
    2011-05-01 10:52 PM
  14. iphoneu2day's Avatar
    You mignt have to send it to ifixit and ask their expert opinion.
    2011-05-03 06:28 PM