1. sahhhra's Avatar
    i updated my Iphone by mistake in iTunes, and now its frozen in a place showing iTunes logo and a USB wire.. Saying to put a walid Sim card in with no PIN lock to activate it..
    I dont have that sim card!

    Can someone please help me.. I`m not good at this (obviously)
    But i have tried downloading both Pwnage and blackra1n but the computer dont want to open it..

    And i Have been searching all yesterday to find out how to jailbreak it and fix it, with no resoults other than tears of desperation..

    2011-04-30 01:17 PM
  2. zoolman88's Avatar
    It's just asking for a AT&T sim card it don't even have to have service just pop it in and plug it into iTunes
    If it's a iPhone 4, 3GS u can use the latest redsnow to get past that logo to and if its a 3G on 4.2.1 u can use redsnow beta 6 version of redsnow I believe
    But if u need to use it on Tmobile and it's a iPhone 4 ur sol unless u use Gevey sim witch is illegal but the 3GS and 3G u can just use the iPad baseband in redsnow
    2011-04-30 03:22 PM