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    ^Sorry, I can't say how unlockit works. I think they create a valid 'digital signature' but don't know for sure. I've been a T-Mobile user since the old 2.x days. Always used / created a non-stock Apple carrier bundle for T-Mobile. Back then it was simple as pie. But with every new release Apple adds more checks. With 4.x came the digital signature check for apns (and ?) -- and the CommCenter hack to bypass it

    And also: My 3GS is factory unlocked also .... and I still need the CommCenter hack because my bundle is totally custom.

    BTW: If I understand the CommCenter hack correctly, it doesn't bypass the check, it makes any digital signature valid. (haha)

    Note 2: Other methods can also work (although less elegant) which don't require the hack --- like using an existing bundle (aka unknown.bundle) and linking it to your real SIM card. I dislike those methods because they modify an existing stock bundle and never know when it might be needed.
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