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  1. JarrettL's Avatar
    Hey guys, I recently bought an iPhone 4 from someone off of Craigslist. It had firmware 4.3.2 and baseband 4.10.01 and was running on T-mobile with a Gevey SIM. He showed me from the phone that it had service with his SIM and even made a phone call to my phone so I know it was working for him. However, I tried to put my AT&T microSIM in and it will never get service. It just stays at the first tiny bar but doesn't say AT&T or 3G/E. Is there anything I can do to fix this for my service? I bought it just because I got a good deal on the phone for an unlocked phone. So worst case I would just sell it and still turn a profit. Any help to get this activated on AT&T would be appreciated.
    2011-05-02 04:23 PM
  2. gotanmp3's Avatar
    Did you try putting it in DFU mode and doing a full restore?
    2011-05-02 04:35 PM
  3. JarrettL's Avatar
    No, I haven't. It's jailbroken with a lot of stuff that I already put on it before it had service. It would represent an inconvenience, not an impossibility. But if there's no other option, I'll do it.
    2011-05-02 04:37 PM
  4. Larzen23's Avatar
    Dont restore yet. I also experience that and my solution was reset network settings at settings and after that i got back my signal.
    2011-05-03 02:45 AM
  5. Stray's Avatar
    you didn't hacktivate it did you?
    that was officially the scariest thing you have ever said str4y.
    Dude T.M.I
    2011-05-03 02:47 AM