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    About Christmas time my Dad gave me his old iPhone 3GS. It is locked to the o2 network. We looked at sim only contracts and decided on Three. Now obviously it wouldn't work on my iPhone, so I set about to unlock it. I put the phone on the latest version of iOS and jailbroke it, I had to update the baseband to 6.15.00. After jailbreaking procedure I installed Ultrasn0w

    Apon doing this I have been very happy with my phone except the one major issue. MMS has never worked. I can receive them but I cannot send them. This is what happens when I try to send one.

    Now I know it isn't a carrier settings problem because obviously its set OTA now, but I have tried APN settings profiles but it doesn't help.

    I am at total loss at this problem and have had it now for months, but earlier I found something which suggests its not just me.

    On this article in the comments,

    How To Fix MMS Problem After Jailbreaking And Unlocking iPhone On T-Mobile US – iPhone Hacks

    Its obviously all about t-mobile but if you scroll down to a post by "Stevexr2i" he mentions a similar problem on 3, which makes me think, is it an Ultrasn0w problem? I have attempted multiple restores but the problem always persists.
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    Has no one else ever had this issue?
    2011-05-24 01:42 AM
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    Try contacting 3 about the cellular data settings. T-mobile US actually has iphone mms settings and instructions on their website, maybe 3 can help you.

    Off-topic, that's a lot of WoW time.
    2011-05-28 03:45 AM
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    I already contacted 3, its nothing to do with them, my contract supports MMS, the settings are correct on the iPhone, I have tried the OTA settings and the custom profiles but yet they don't work. It works on other phones just not my iPhone.

    Yeah I played alot of WoW but not anymore I play EVE now.
    2011-05-28 06:14 PM
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    Open your SIM tray and push it back in, then try to send the MMS again.
    2011-05-28 08:53 PM
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    Open your SIM tray and push it back in, then try to send the MMS again.
    Tried that also mate, multiple times and even with the Pushfix.info carrier reset fix.
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    Then I'd look into getting O2 to unlock the phone so that you can eliminate Ultrasn0w as the problem. (This may cost 15, depending on the circumstances)

    NOTE:I cannot be certain that an iPhone can work with the iPad baseband without Ultrasn0w installed, so if using the O2 PAYG SIM method detailed below and calling 4444 does not work, then all you have wasted is time and a little bit of gas & parking money or public transportation fare.

    If the original contract was Pay Monthly & you can get hold of the original phone number, go to O2 handset unlock request form and fill in all the required details. (if you don't know the original number, this is where you will absolutely need the SIM, replace the SIM in the iPhone, go to the phone.app & dial *#100# Call to receive the number originally attached to the iPhone for the form).
    You may also need the SIM in the phone for this to work, I am in the USA and am only reading off of O2's support webpage so I cannot vouch that this method works, but the method I am suggesting here won't cost you money as they will unlock repeating contract iPhones for free but still hold the contractee to the contract. And as the IMEI of your iPhone assumedly has run the full term of it's original contract (if Pay Monthly) I don't see any reason why O2 won't unlock it for free, failing that, I'd try to talk to human CSR at O2 to see if they could unlock it for you (maybe your dad can help out with that.)

    If the above doesn't work for you, then O2 should be able to unlock the phone for 15 by using a PAYG SIM. Go down to your local O2 store (or fill the online order form) to get your free SIM. UNINSTALL Ultrasn0w and top the SIM up BY CALLING 4444 with the O2 SIM in your 3G[s] to an amount over 15 as you might need to make a call to re-acquaint the phone with O2's database. Then fill out the unlock form that I linked to above.

    This all begs the following question: O2 have allowed iPhone owners to unlock their devices since late 2009, so why didn't you (or your dad) go down that route instead of putting the iPad baseband on the phone?
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    O2 have pretty much given him the run around, over charging him etc, he doesn't want anything to do with the company anymore and is switching.
    2011-05-29 05:52 AM