1. cooldude911's Avatar

    As the Video says it . This Turbo Sim can completely skip the step for dialing an emergency number. Looks legit in the video.
    2011-05-30 10:34 PM
  2. WTFX's Avatar
    It's not made by GEVEY (this has a fake .us URL on the packaging). With that said it seems legit in that it works (but we obviously can't be sure at all) and as far as I've heard it still uses the 112 exploit, all the steps are simply done automatically in the background. This is all unconfirmed till it's out of course. I read on it using the exploit automatically from an eBay seller who is taking preorders for these. However it could be using the Rebel method (or even have the exact same fw in) which would be a hit and miss and would work automatically only in a handful of cases.
    2011-05-30 11:21 PM