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    Success! kinda...after trying a million things and tearing my hair out it finally let me shift restore a snowbreeze 3.1.3 firmware...it stalled for a million years at the end, then poof! it was working...only problems left now are the sleep button actually IS broken, and that Cydia keeps crashing whenever I go into it....which is quite the pain, as I need Bossprefs for an improvised off button, and ultrasnow for the Unlock...do you have any thoughts on any of this? and why it let me use the cooked 3.1.3 f/w but neither the cooked nor the stock 4.3.3 f/w...or any other one for that matter...and I really need Cydia to work...would there be a way of installing the things I need (Bossprefs and Ultrasnow) as .deb's using iphone explorer? would that work?
    2011-06-03 02:51 PM
  2. Mes's Avatar
    I just noticed your message. Good news.

    3.1.3 works perfectly on my 3GS as well as 4.3.3 ... but I also use pwn'd DFU mode to get the most thorough clean/load possible. Fix the sleep button .. you'll be glad you did
    2011-06-07 03:59 AM
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