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  1. Stu Man's Avatar
    I am that kind of person that has too many phone numbers and SIMs. I drive everyone crazy with that so I popped for a virtual number which rings VOIP, and then forwards to the number dejour. It includes unlimited text messaging so I just dumbed it down to people and told them that this is my "new mobile number."

    Apple is wrecking this for me because Facetime and probably iMessage are tied to my real phone number. I can use these services on an iPod Touch and it will happily work without my real phone number, but not on an iPhone. I can forward inbound texts from my virtual number to any real SMS number. My phone is fully jailbroken. Is there a way to hactivate it to my virtual number?

    If not, if I shove a Rebel SIMcard and one of my UK SIMs in the phone, can I activate these numbers to a UK number and then swap my US SIM back in the phone keeping the UK number. I'm guessing that the international number will stop most people from calling me and if they do, I'll get the call (my UK SIM is call forwarded to a UK VOIP number which is forwarded to my US SIM).
    2011-06-12 07:26 PM
  2. Jahooba's Avatar
    I have no idea. But why not just use Skype? Why does it have to be FaceTime?
    2011-06-12 08:02 PM
  3. Stray's Avatar
    +1 skype has the same exact function and it can be used over 3G natively
    2011-06-12 09:24 PM