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    Here's the question:

    I will be moving to Shanghai, China, and will be taking two iPhones with me and my wife. We will be unlocking our iPhones once there. Here is the process as I understand it:

    1. Take out old SIM card
    2. Have new carrier (will be China Mobile) put in new SIM card
    3. iPhones are ready to use, but cannot be synced to iTunes...

    Once we are done with that, syncing to iTunes will most likely be a problem. What I have learned thus far is to connect my iPhone to iTunes, and put the phone in Airplane mode. Then sync. After that, disconnect, shut down then restart the iPhone.

    HELP! Can anyone confirm that this is indeed the correct process?
    2011-06-14 01:49 AM
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    There is no problem with syncing an unlocked phone with ITunes. You have been given incorrect information. You did not say what phone you have, but if I assume iPhone 4 you will find it is not that easy to get it unlocked.

    The phones that can be unlocked are 3Gs on baseband 5.13 or earlier and iPhone 4 on baseband 1.59

    The only precaution you take with an unlock phone on iTunes is to prevent IOS updates, but that has nothing to do with syncing. An iOS update will update the baseband and cause you to lose the unlock. You manage iOS updates with custom firmware created with pawnage tool after unlock.

    Alternative for iPhone 4 is Gevey sim which you should research.
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    2011-06-14 01:31 PM