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    Hi All,
    I've been reading lots of posts and guides and I've thoroughly confused myself. Seems there are several options for doing a jailbreak unlock on a 3gs and maybe someone here can tell me the best method. Here is what I'm working with:

    version: 3.1.3 (7E18)
    modem firmware: 05.12.01
    New Bootrom 359.3.2

    I just got this phone so I've never installed cydia on it or saved the SHSHs.

    I need to jailbreak and unlock. Which is the best path? I'd like to use a newer IOS than 3.1.3. Thanks very much for any help.

    2011-07-02 10:37 PM
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    So I've continue reading and reading and it sounds to me like I have two options:

    1. Use Sn0wbreeze to cook a custom ipsw that should preserve my 05.12.01 baseband
    2. Unlock with Ultrasn0w

    I believe I should be able to cook the latest 4.3.3 ipsw with a preserved 05.12.01 baseband and then unlock it with Ultrasn0w?

    The second option is to use redsn0w with the ipad baseband if I want to run a newer firmware and be stuck at that firmware plus potentially lose GPS?

    I'm hoping someone more experienced can confirm for me that I'm understanding this. If I am understanding correctly, then the Sn0wbreeze/Ultrasn0w option seems like the clear winner for me since I have an older baseband? Thanks again!
    2011-07-03 05:33 AM
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    This should help you.
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    2011-07-03 05:53 AM
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    Thanks, that provided some detail that helped me go the sn0wbreeze/ultrasn0w route. At first I kept getting errors 3194 and 1600 and 1601 while trying to restore the custom ipsw. My last step was to:

    1. re-cook the ipsw with sn0wbreeze but use expert mode.
    2. log into windows 7 as an administrator account.

    So I'm not sure which of those two steps actually fixed my problem but then it all loaded properly. unlock was easy with ultrasn0w and now I'm on 4.3.3 with modem firmware 05.12.01. :-)
    2011-07-03 08:52 PM