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    In Bangladesh at the moment. I'm having trouble with my iPhone 4 - 4.3.2, 04.10.01 definitely factory unlocked (runs on all UK network)

    Any advice on how to get an iPhone working on Bangladeshi networks?

    I got 2 sim cards: grameenphone and banglalink. Cut em both down and they fully work with their Internet tariffs in my BB 8900 curve. Both sims say either 'no service' or just come up with 1 bar or tiny signal (no network name next to it)

    But when I use my uk tmobile sim, I can connect to banglalink and use 5 bars worth of EDGE signal and surf the Internet. Bad bit tho is roaming charges are really expensive.*

    I've used SAM to fake activation but it still isn't working, tried a restore and also 'reset network settings'. I've also tried making my own downloadable network profile but it didn't work.

    I'm baffled Because if I can use Banglalink (a local network) via selecting it as a carrier option whilst the uk tmobile sim is inserted then surely the banglalink sim should work, the tarriffs are all active but there are no official iPhone carriers here in Bangladesh yet.

    So if anyones ever traveled to a place outside the UK, how did you get a local sim to work?
    2011-07-13 10:25 PM
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    Why would you use SAM on a factory unlocked device? That might just be your issue considering a factory unlocked can be activated officially with any SIM. Have you considered that maybe your SIMs aren't cut correctly? Try getting new SIMs if possible and using a SIM cutter. If it is really factory unlocked it doesn't require any jailbreak or installation of anything to get service.
    2011-07-14 12:19 AM
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    Yeah the sims are cut perfectly fine, I've got a cutting tool.

    Ive used SAM to deactivate the phone. When I put my non-UK sim inside to activate via iTunes: it comes up with 'sim card unsupportrd' message. I can't get past that unless I use my UK sim to activate it (even though it's connected to a local network via roaming)
    2011-07-14 06:29 AM
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    Yeah sorry I really can't tell you much except that factory unlocked devices should have no problem with any carrier in any country. It's either it's defective or it isn't factory unlocked. Perhaps call and check with Apple to verify it is factory unlocked, and if it is and if possible take it to Apple to check it out. I don't believe this is a software issue, considering you've restored multiple times and nothing has worked.
    2011-07-14 08:19 PM
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    After a week now, ive got decent internet access back. Currently using a Grameenphone sim in my brothers Desire Z and tethering that with wifi hotspot. Ive tried calling apple but my Telephone support has expired, but the guy on the other end was happy enough to help. Then the phone cut off (ran out of credit for international calls, just my luck).

    Ive encountered another problem whilst SSH'ing my iphone, and somehow managed to rupture the firmswares boot files when manually managing music files in 'itunes control' folder. Trying to use http://modmyi.com/forums/general/758...e-ramdisk.html but Anyways that for another thread.

    Solution/Conclusion - If you're going abroad and have the same problem as me:

    - Research the networks in your destination country and check if they have a carrier which is officially supported by the iPhone


    - Buy a Gevey SIM and unlock it

    Cheers for your feedback annie
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    2011-07-23 12:07 PM