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    Just came from T-Mobile and a rep told me that you can get around the slow Edge data by connecting the unlocked iPhone to the internet by adding the T-Mobile mobile hotspot plan.

    Based on my (limited) understanding of the situation, because the iPhone 4 cannot achieve 3G/4G speeds personally through Tmobile, you would use a standalone device (like this)to connect the iPhone 4 to wi-fi to achieve regular speeds through the internet technically but based on 3G/4G.

    That is what I took from the Rep. I spoke to. I just wanna throw it out there as a potential alternative and just to make sure this a logically sound alternative. let me know what you think fellas.
    It would work, but this really isn't much different than connecting to a friend's 3G/4G cell phone data plan through his/her wifi hotspot.

    Alright thanks a lot for verifying it. To those that are interested, since you are buying the phone separate, you would be eligible for a Value plan (requires 2 year contract). Because you are not benefiting with a new phone for locking in for two years, you can go on the Value Plan which is $10 cheaper than the regular plan per month.

    Also, because you will be using the mobile hotspot device, u do not need any type of data plan. The plan I will get is the 500 mins w/ unlimited text for $39.99 and then the mobile hotspot price would be like $29 (or maybe $34, can't remember). That's is a total of $70-$75 for both features before tax which I believe is potentially cheaper than a standalone iPhone contract with AT&T (and Verizon?)

    I've had a monthly contract for the last year and a half but they have been good (as long as nothing goes wrong) so I got no real problem committing for 2 years
    I think you are seriously underestimating how much of a pain in the @ss is will be to carry around a separate wifi router to use the internet on your phone. One major reason to get a data plan for your phone (instead of a data wifi router) is because it is easier to simply carry around your phone wherever you go. Can you seriously imagine carrying around that annoying wifi router everywhere you go? Imagine carrying that thing into the gym in addition to your phone and keys. What if you are just running out real quick somewhere- are you really going to grab that wifi router too? What if you don't grab it and you need internet where you went real quick? ... Don't get me wrong, these data wifi routers were great before smartphones for connecting a laptop to wireless internet while on the road, but they definitely don't make a lot of sense to use as your internet source for your smartphone.

    Additionally, yeah it's probably cheaper than an iphone plan through verizon or AT&T, but you're not getting verizon or AT&T, you're getting T-Mobile. $70-75 for 500 mins, unlimited text, and the wifi router internet is not cheaper than simply getting a "plan" with data through t-mobile. Last I checked, you could get unlimited voice, text, and data for $50 /month t-mobile pre-paid phone service (data is slowed to 2G after 200mb, but that doesn't matter since you can only run 2G internet on an iphone anyways). Personally, I'd say you're better off saving the extra $25 /month, living with the slower data, and using wifi wherever it is available (if you live in a larger city, there's wifi pretty much everywhere - the only times you really need data is when you're on the road or when you travel somewhere more rural). If I really had to have faster internet, when wifi wasn't available, then I would just use a different phone.
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