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    have an iPhone 3GS (4.2.1) that had baseband 5.11.07 that was tethered/unlocked working fine on tmobile. I read there was *an unteathered jailbreak/unlock for 4.3.3. I was told somewhere i would first need to itunes restore back to 4.2.1 . I didnt *realize that it was a suppose ti be a custom restore. So now I'm *on the BB 5.15.04 . *Before attempting I DID attempt to save my baseband in tinyumbrella and over cydia before I restored.*

    My plan*is to unlock and use with ATT prepaid. I screwed up an now I dont know which way to go with this.*

    1) Can I restore my baseband using tiny umbrella? *Some threads say this only works for iphone 4 others say it works for 3Gs. *I tried the *"restore TSS server" button but it just spins nothing happens.*

    2) if I can't restore to my old basebands from tiny umbrella, I've read *my only other option to unlock is to upgrade BB to iPad 6.x.x something which will work but I loose gps. Is this my only option?

    3) since it is going on ATT prepaid. Do I even need to both unlock and jailbreak or can i just pop the att sim in? *
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    No way to downgrade the baseband once its been updated on a 3GS or iPhone 4.

    Using the 6.15 iPad baseband is only advised as a last resort since it does make you lose GPS plus you will never be able to update using stock Apple firmware. Strictly custom firmware afterwards.

    If you're using ATT then there really is no need for an unlock. I know plenty of people using prepaid ATT sims just fine on their devices.

    The only real reason for an unlock is if you plan on using unofficial carriers like TMobile or Rogers, etc. or If you plan to sell the device at a higher price. Unlocked phones bring in anywhere between $100 to $200 more then locked phones.
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    as ihappy said you do not need to unlock to use the att prepaid.
    2011-07-31 06:22 AM
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    If you're using ATT then there really is no need for an unlock. I know plenty of people using prepaid ATT sims just fine on their devices.

    But do I still need to jailbreak it then?
    2011-07-31 08:56 PM
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    But do I still need to jailbreak it then?
    Only if you want a jailbroken device so you can use custom themes and such. Jailbreaking and Unlocking are two different things and really have nothing to do with using the device on an ATT prepaid sim.
    2011-07-31 09:00 PM
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    OK, I just bought a pre paid Gophone for $10. I activated it, added money popped the sim in my non jailbroken/at&t locked iPhone 3gs. I get 1 bar and then it I get "invalid sim" card. I put the sim back in the $10 go phone and it gets service and works. I've turned it on and off several times.

    So why isn't this working, what did I do wrong? Didi miss any steps?
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    I have never had any issues with att gophone sims not picking up any signal.

    Here is a thread of a similar situation that might help.

    2011-08-01 05:42 PM
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    Apparently from a few other threads I read and talking to the at&t rep. The newer gophones sim cards can only be locked to one imei# and thats it. It use to be after 60 to 90 days you could have it switch to any imei but she told me the newer ones don't do that. So I guess what I did wrong was enter in the imei number of the go phone when activating the sim. I read to do it that way on a post because you don't want them to know you have an iPhone. So the right way is to just entry the imei number of the iPhone from the jump or buy a go phone sim card from the AT&T store. So I am on my way to buy another go phone to try this out.
    2011-08-03 06:24 AM