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    My buddy had a roger iphone 4 32 gb Model # mc605c

    When I initially inserted an AT&T sime card, the phone would not recognize it nor would it detect my simple mobile sim card. After playing with the phone for a fewdays, not only did it read his AT&T sim, It reads my simple mobile sim confirming that the phone is factory unlocked. I have another roger iphone 4 but we are unable to remove the carrier lock as was done on the other phone.

    I was wondering if someone can point me in the right direction
    2011-08-06 03:54 PM
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    Were both of these purchased at the same place and at the same time? The factory unlocked iPhone 4 is a fairly new creature in the wild. Perhaps consider a Gevey ULTRA? We have instructions for how to get these up and running on our site if you need a few pointers. The manufacturer leaves a few steps out of the unlocking process. HookUp Cellular - Prepaid Plans, Replacement Parts and Cellphone Repair in Phoenix Arizona USA
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    2011-08-07 04:32 AM
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    The phones were purchased at two different times
    2011-08-07 08:21 PM
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    so you unlocked your phone by doing what?
    2011-08-07 11:27 PM
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    I have recently gone through the process of having this done. Rogers will unlock any phone in their system as long as you meet their requirements. The requirements are - the phone has to be in their system for 30 days and you have to have the available balance in your account to cover the cost of the unlock fee, the fee is $56.50 Canadian.

    This is all made a lot more difficult now since there is a postal strike in Canada, unless you know someone there.

    You need to get a Rogers pay as you go sim, I picked one up off of Ebay a few months ago before the postal strike.
    Call the Rogers pay as you go division and set up the account, you will need a Canadian mailing address but they can give a default one (at least did for me, so I know one is available). Make sure you use the IMEI from the Iphone and not the one that come with the sim.
    After you have the account setup you will need to get a top up voucher to put the correct amount in your account. A word of caution though, all of the top up amounts expire after 30 days except for the $100.00 it is valid for one year.
    After the 30 days and you have the correct amount in your account call Rogers and ask to be connected to the unlock department, you may get transferred a few times and expect to be on hold for a little while, and tell them you would like to have your phone unlocked. They will ask for your IMEI number of the phone to be unlocked, after a few minutes they will tell you to connect the phone to itunes with any sim card inserted excpet the Rogers sim. And that is it, your Iphone is now unlocked!!

    I do have to say I made a lot and a do mean a lot of calls to Rogers about doing this and everyone was VERY helpful, AT&T should be so helpful. OH.....and be ready to listen very closely as some of the people I spoke with had a strong french accent, but were very polite when i had to keep asking them to repeat what they said.

    I hope this helps you.

    I forgot to mention that you can not use an American credit card to setup the account or add to the account, i tried 2 different credit cards and neither one worked. It needs to come from a Canadian bank.
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