1. Pixel T.'s Avatar

    I had this unlocked iPhone 3G for the past 2 years and haven't touched anything after jailbreaking and unlocking it.

    This month, however, I got a bill with an internet plan added on. What's going on?

    2011-08-22 01:37 PM
  2. i.Annie's Avatar
    That's a bit vague. So did you get the bill after putting your SIM card in or did you ever remove the SIM card from the iPhone?
    2011-08-22 06:04 PM
  3. Pixel T.'s Avatar
    The thing is, I didn't touch my sim card for over a year. Once I unlocked it, I put my sim card in and didn't get any bill. All of a sudden, I got a text message saying they upgraded me to an iPhone plan.
    2011-08-23 02:56 AM
  4. kooltechie's Avatar
    who's your carrier?
    2011-08-23 03:16 AM
  5. Pixel T.'s Avatar
    2011-08-23 03:35 AM
  6. iYeow's Avatar
    Your carrier can detect your smartphone, turn off data network , then you will not be billed. Go to general > network> turn off 3G and cellular data. Call your atnt ask tell them you didn't use it and you didn't know you have to turn off these functions if you don't want data usage.
    2011-08-23 04:01 AM
  7. JimBrown's Avatar
    Yes, I agree with iYeow. Good suggestions have been provided by the moderator. Thanks for the information. It will be really helpful. Well I also have a quarry. I have bought an iphone but it had been locked. I don't have any idea that how to unlock.
    If you know, please help and suggest me.
    2011-08-23 11:53 AM
  8. Pixel T.'s Avatar
    3G is turned off. Data is turned off. The only thing I can think of is the VPN. I remember messing around with it when I first unlocked the iPhone but now it says "Not Connected".

    Could that be it?


    What iPhone do you have? What firmware?
    2011-08-23 04:45 PM
  9. kooltechie's Avatar
    I'm not trying to threadjack, but I'm a bit confused....

    you've been using a jailbroke/unlocked iPhone 3G for the past 2 years through AT&T without paying for a data plan?
    thought all iPhones through AT&T must have a data plan.

    or is it that you had a non-iPhone (through AT&T) to start with, then bought a used iPhone from someone and swapped the SIMs?
    2011-08-23 09:25 PM
  10. Pixel T.'s Avatar
    The second one. I had a regular plan, unlocked a used iPhone and have been using it for a while. About to switch to a regular phone again and call AT&T to take the data plan off the bill.
    2011-08-23 11:30 PM
  11. i.Annie's Avatar
    Yeah whenever you put your SIM into a smartphone (iPhone or not) AT&T (and most carriers for that matter) will add a data plan to your account once they detect that you are trying to use a smartphone.

    Doing what you said you're going to do may work for some time but if you plan to use an iPhone with your plan, AT&T may catch it again and automatically add it the data plan again.
    2011-08-23 11:54 PM
  12. Pixel T.'s Avatar
    What would be another way around that? Thats the only way I knew how to unlock iPhones... :/
    2011-08-24 12:02 AM
  13. i.Annie's Avatar
    It doesn't matter if the phone is unlocked or not and there really isn't anything you can do to prevent AT&T from seeing what phone you are using and adding that data plan. Some people go on a long time without a data plan without AT&T finding out, some people don't get as lucky I guess.
    2011-08-24 03:29 AM
  14. kooltechie's Avatar
    off topic again, but why is ur iPhone unlocked to use AT&T? thought unlocking is necessary for non-AT&T network.
    2011-08-24 05:03 AM