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    Hi, so I have a iphone 4 (at&t) which was activated until i did some stupid stuff involving SAM and MiTime. The thing was that when Mitime was installed it removed SAM and voila! my activation was gone.

    But, I do have complete access to the phones file system with PC Suite, so my question is as following; Is there possible to re-activate the phone via either changing lockdownd to a activated one, or can I install the "hacktivation patch" (copy over files, manually edit some "run at startup" file?) using pc suite? And if possible, any clues of how to do this would be highly appreciated.

    I have ordered a AT&T sim from the U.S but I guess it will take a week or so, so in a worst case scenario I just have to wait.

    And I only got the shsh for 4.3.5 and a bunch om 5.x betas so I can't just use sn0wbreeze or something similar to restore to hacktivated ipsw since I rely on Ultrasn0w to make the phone play with my Czech carrier.

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    2011-08-25 12:38 PM
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    I don't believe you can do it, if so I haven't read into it enough I suppose. But AFAIK hacktivating does require running a jb tool to do so. It's better to just use an official SIM anyway, so my personal recommendation (whether there is a method or not) is to wait for the SIM. That's what I would do.
    2011-08-25 08:52 PM
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    I actually managed to fix this problem without the AT&T sim.

    What I did was that I replaced the lockdown folder in /private/var/root/Library/ with another one I found at - - online file sharing and storage - download with the file browser in Pc Suite.

    I read this in another forum, but I guess it's not all that popular to link to it

    I have a feeling it's messing with my battery life, but it might very well just be make believe.
    2011-08-26 09:16 AM