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    If you are getting the no service after unlock with ultrasn0w.

    It means your inductor on the mother board has fallen off.

    You need to remove your mother board. And solder the 2 points back together.

    The inductor is found at the bottom of the motherboard. Beside the brass antenna.
    It is on the back on a 3G and on the front on a 3GS.

    It's tinny about 1mm big. You can't see it with your naked eye. You need a magnifying glass. To see it. And you'll need it for when you solder the 2 points back together.

    The inductor really just acts like a pathway for the signal to get from the sim to the antenna.

    I've fixed tones of no service phones like this.

    This is the missing part.

    And this is the 2 points in red that need to be connected via solder.
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