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    I have recently aquired an old iPhone 3Gs 4.2.1 with a deactivated SIM card in it and i have jailbroken it (with redsn0w) and gotten ultrsn0w and have SAM and have ran that and it even says WildCardActivated yet i can still am not able to get service is there something i am doing wrong?

    *I did rejailbreak with only Deactivate downloaded
    *I did the iPad baseband thing

    I would appreciate help

    *if there is any other information needed let me know
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    2011-10-06 12:09 AM
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    I realize this is an older thread, but if you still haven't fixed it yet, you need to check the baseband. Unlocking it requires 5.13.04 baseband or lower, or 6.15.00 upgraded baseband.

    If you don't have 5.13.04 or lower, you need to upgrade the baseband to 6.15.00 with Redsn0w first before Ultrasn0w will work for unlocking. Using the 6.15.00 ipad baseband can cause GPS malfunction, and will cause inability to restore to stock firmware on 4.2.1 or higher.
    2011-11-04 07:20 PM