1. andym's Avatar
    This is the one question I would love to put to O2 on buying an iPhone.
    (Already have an unlocked one) so therefore hypothetical.

    ' I have loads of money, I wish to buy an iPhone for 269 and give you 630 to pay off my 18 month contract (18x35).
    I would now like to unlock my phone to use on XXXX network, could you please give me the unlock code.'

    Now. do they have some sort of magical way to unlock the phone and make it completely safe from any further updates or would it lock itself again after you update it.

    This is where it becomes a legal minefield for Apple, due to the fact that I have now covered all my bases with regard to me completely owning the phone.

    What would they do!!!!!

    sorry for the longish 1st post
    2007-10-02 01:40 AM
  2. Cody Overcash's Avatar
    I'm not sure if O2 will be giving out an unlock code. I know AT&T isn't
    2007-10-02 01:53 AM